Just some examples of our craft.

our biggest and best work

Metal at its finest.


The Little Valley project is a beautiful showcase for the ever-classy combination of anodised aluminium and warm lighting. For this outfit, we produced vast lighting arrays, tasteful lattice pieces, signage, shelving and bar trim lighting.

The result is breathtaking.


This project is a beautiful example of the manufacturing capabilites that Precision engineering can offer.

y43 sign.jpg

After working with multiple computer-model iterations, these Y43 signs were assembled by hand. All stages of the process were completed in-house, ensuring a high quality finished product.


These brass handles were machined from a solid billet, made to exact client specifications. This piece is a fine example of our ability to manipulate brass into organic, yet functional shapes.

A classy mixture of elegance and simplicity

Lucent Collage.jpg

The Lucent Hotel signage is milled from brass, with soft incandescent backlighting. The end result are relaxing and inviting visual elements to complement the environment.


These brass numbers are recessed into the tiling of a 55 meter long pool. A combination of modern styling and efficient layout boosts prestige, even if only in the subconscious.